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Facility Maintenance & Industrial

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Hydrovac excavation goes beyond traditional unearthing of ground material for daylighting or excavation purposes. Hydrovac units can be utilized in many different capacities to make construction and facility management easier. Projects that can benefit from utilizing a Hydrovac Unit include:

Pool filter sand clean out
Remote hose is attached to the Hydrovac unit and run through the facility into the basement or area which houses the pool filter. Many hundreds of feet of remote hose can be connected to reach the location required. Reducing the remote hose down to 2-3” hoses can allow the operator to maneuver the hose into the pool filter and efficiently clean the pool of old sand.

Inside Building Excavation
Excavation does not need to be left outdoors. Utilizing a hydrovac inside to excavate problem plumbing, foundation issues or water leakage is a fast and easy solution. Remote hose and dig lines are run into the building and perform the same excavation methods as performed in an outdoor setting. Expose plumbing/water mains, unearth foundations for repair, or clean up water damage inside much more efficiently than traditional hand/shovel and wheelbarrow methods. 

Industrial Non-Hazardous Tank Clean outs 
Industrial manufacturers can benefit from Hydrovac clean out of their equipment and holding tanks. Examples include, Tile cutting/marble scraps, Silos with wood chips, grains, and farming housing. 
The possibilities are limitless. Any situation that involves a holding tank can be cleaned with methods that either involve using water to clean down messes, or without water when dry materials are involved.
Fast and efficient removal of material is performed with vacuum suction and water if required to remove and clean the holding tank. Remote hose is used to access long distances and reduce down to small entrances.

Barge Clean outs
Barges in waterways are often utilized when performing clean up efforts or remedial projects on waterways. These barges often house tanks that hold silt and water. Hydrovac units are a good solution to cleaning these tanks when the time comes. Hydrovacs allow us to boom out a large area and attach remote hose to the end of the boom to reach long distances and areas over water. The method of hot, high-pressure water and vacuum suction allows the Operator to break apart long standing silt and debris and remove it with much less effort than hand/shovel methods. This allows the contractor to save both time and money. 

Foundation Exposure – Waterproofing
Utilizing a Hydrovac allows an Operator to access locations that are space limited and involve sensitive areas without damage to the surrounding area. 
Both small scale and large-scale foundation exposure can be achieved in time saving methods to allow contractors to expose problematic areas of building foundations for waterproofing and repairs. 

Excavation depths of over 12 feet can be achieved safely and efficiently. Hydro excavation can allow the operator to not only expose the foundation, but also create a safe working excavated area to allow the contractor to perform his job. (Creating levels and steps in the ground through precision excavation methods) 

Facility Cleaning/Power Washing
Facilities can benefit from power washing with a Hydrovac to achieve results not obtainable through traditional cleaning methods. The Hydrovac unit is equipment with high pressure water, heated system for hot water blasting and vacuum suction to blast away dirty problems and the ability to simultaneously suck the excess water to achieve clean, dry results quicker.
Bus depots, vehicle holding centres, repair facilities are all examples of facilities that can benefit from power washing. 

Catch Basin Cleaning
Catch basins build up with debris, leaves, dirt, and water on a regular basis. Hydrovac cleaning of catch basins is a fast and safe method of removing build up quickly and efficiently.

Private subdivisions, municipalities, parking lots, business areas are all examples of where catch basins may need to be regularly cleaned. Hydrovac cleaning simply involves opening the catch basin, booming into the basin, and vacuuming out the debris, while cleaning the surrounding area with high pressure water. All material goes into the debris tank and is then safely disposed of at an approved Ministry of Environment registered facility. Clean, fast, and safe removal of catch basin material can be achieved in record time with a Hydrovac. This allows contractors to achieve multiple catch basin cleanings in a day (20-30 per load) 

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