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Hydro Excavation


Hydro excavation is the safest excavation method in the world. Using pressurized water and a powerful vacuum, our hydrovac trucks can cut through soil, clay, ice, and sand without causing damage to existing underground utilities. The benefits of hiring one of our experienced hydrovac operators include:

Minimal risk of damage
Using high pressured water and vacuum suction,  our skilled operators will expose the underground utilities and utilize safe digging practices to ensure no existing infrastructure is damaged.  

Hydro excavation is more efficient than traditional excavation by machine or shovel. Our operators can safely excavate up to 15 yards of material per load, with multiple loads per day possible depending on digging conditions.  

By utilizing hydro excavation on your jobsite, our operators can create targeted excavations based on client instructions. This will minimize the amount of backfilling and soil disposal that is required  

Common Applications
• Daylighting
• Trenching
• Pole Holes and Piling Holes
• Directional Drilling Support
• Service Repair Pits
• Contaminated Soil Remediation 
• Test Holes
• Catch Basin Cleaning

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